Diamond and abrasive blades

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Belemezov company offers various brands of diamond blades for cutting asphalt, concrete and stone.




Диамантен диск, за асфалт (A)Productivity of an angle grinder depends mostly on the quality of the blade. In STIHL get everything you need for your work: angle grinder with high quality blades made in accordance with the most stringent quality requirements, ensuring high performance and precision cutting. In the range of STIHL offer diamond blades for cutting concrete, asphalt and natural stone and abrasive blades for cutting asphalt, steel and stone.




Dronco diameters: u 115, u 125, u 180, u 230, u 350, u 400. The discs are suitable for electric or gasoline manual grinders. They are produced in factories in Germany. The discs are of excellent quality and long life.